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Xiamen Huadian Facilitated the Power Transmission to the First Station of Israel Tel Aviv Red Line L

Apr 16,2023 | Huatech

With the participation of Xiamen Huadian Switchgear Co., Ltd. the first-stationpower transmission task of Israel Tel Aviv Red Line Light Rail Projectundertaken by CRTG-Solel Boneh Joint Venture was successfully completed on August 13, 2019.

Israel Tel Aviv Red Line Light Rail Project is the largest government licensedinfrastructure project since the founding of Israel. It is characterized by the largest investment scale, the most complex construction and the highest technical difficulty. The Red Line Project is the first line of the light rail system, withextremely great social influence. It is also known as an iconic project of China's technologiesapplied in developed countries.

The construction of Project began in 2015 and was scheduled to be officially opened for operation in 2021. It passes through Tel Aviv's most prosperous CBD, with a total length of 23 kilometers. There will be 33 stations, including 10 underground stations and 23 ground stations. When completed, it will become one of the largest traffic routes in the urban area, which will greatly alleviate the increasingly serious traffic congestion, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve sustainable development. 

For the 22kV system of the whole line, power supply service will be provided by Enerswit+-24kV, a SF6 fully insulated and fully sealed product of Xiamen Huadian Switchgear Co., Ltd.

This product is of modular design and compact structure, easy to operate and maintenance-free throughout the life cycle.  Vacuum arc-extinguishing solution is adopted for the circuit breaker to realize good electrical interruption performance, stable product performance and high reliability.

Enerswit+-24kV product has passed the type test by ASTA, an international third-party certification agency, and the corresponding reports have been obtained.

The supervisor of this Project is WSP, a British firm renowned for strictness, and the Project requirements are all implemented as per the highest European standards. The products developed by Xiamen Huadian Switchgear Co., Ltd. passed the one-time acceptance at the site, and were well received by the supervisor as well as the local power grid company.

This is the first time that a Chinese company has participated in the operation and maintenance of urban rail transit in a developed country, marking that Chinese companieshave had strong international competitiveness in the rail transit operation market in developed countries. The strength, technology and professional ethics of Chinese companieshave been widely recognized.